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Making the most of what we have

Management and protection of water, soils and air, judicious use of bioenergy and recycling, and adaptation to climate change are among the areas of expertise employed by UC ANR.

  • Deeply rooted water solutions: UC ANR Cooperative Extension specialists are testing drought-resistant varieties of oranges and grapes that send their roots deeper into the soil, thereby absorbing and retaining more winter rainfall and reducing dependence on irrigation. Such varieties could be of particular help to growers in regions that are not served by state or federal water projects.

  • Ground prep aids in tomato production: “Conservation tillage” (CT) crop production techniques are being adapted to tomato production in California, with the help of UC ANR Cooperative Extension personnel. Tomato growers using CT techniques in field tests reduced tillage by an average of nine passes per year, reducing the generation of dust, lowering fuel and labor costs, and addressing a variety of technical problems, all while maintaining their produce yields.

UC ANR Cooperative Extension has made water quality compliance for north coast dairies manageable by educating producers on improving best management practices, necessary record keeping and water testing, and by assisting in the organization of voluntary visits of the water board to working dairies.

— Jeff Stackhouse
UC ANR Cooperative Extension advisor

University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) is a division of the University with scientists based on three UC campuses and in UC Cooperative Extension offices serving all California counties. UC ANR conducts research and shares research-based information with the public about agricultural production, environmental stewardship, water policy, youth development and nutrition. UC ANR offers 4-H to youth in California, nutrition education to low-income children and families, and scientific support that helps farmers address challenges and maintain economic viability.

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