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Keeping us all safe

UC ANR Cooperative Extension specialists work with commodity groups and growers to help preserve plant health and high produce quality and to ensure a safe food system.

  • Disease detectives: Strawberry farmers in California’s Central Coast area were frustrated about a puzzling pattern of fruit quality decline and plant death — until the UC ANR Cooperative Extension diagnostic lab in Salinas discovered the cause. The lab found that a pathogen previously known to affect only leaves was also damaging other parts of the fruit, and lab testing also revealed that some cultivars had a defect that caused browning.

  • Monitoring pathogens in the water: Researchers at UC’s Western Center for Food Safety are scrutinizing reservoirs and irrigation canals for potentially pathogenic bacteria — including E. coli and Salmonella — to prevent contaminated agricultural water from tainting raw produce. In addition to improving irrigation water quality and food safety, this water quality surveillance project is helping to improve the safety of drinking and recreational waters.

Master Food Preservers are trained volunteers teaching safe food handling techniques in the home. Preservation of all types of food is enjoying a huge resurgence of interest for food security and the ‘knowing where your food comes from’ movement.

— Deborah Giraud
UC ANR farm and community and
economic development advisor

University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) is a division of the University with scientists based on three UC campuses and in UC Cooperative Extension offices serving all California counties. UC ANR conducts research and shares research-based information with the public about agricultural production, environmental stewardship, water policy, youth development and nutrition. UC ANR offers 4-H to youth in California, nutrition education to low-income children and families, and scientific support that helps farmers address challenges and maintain economic viability.

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